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Since June 2017 Max is member of the Neos Core Team. Here is his story.  

I had my first contact with Neos round about 2 years ago. It was the first Neos CMS und Flow Meetup HH. Shortly after which I began an apprenticeship at sitegeist media solutions GmbH where my journey went on.

Back then I did not have much programming experience on real projects. I went to university for one and a half years before and did some experiments with different programming languages, but that was all. When I began my apprenticeship at Sitegeist I had many ways to push my knowledge and skills further. Thankfully I had the opportunity of further company sponsored education like going to conferences or pair programming. After work I sometimes go to meetups to get an additional insights into a topic and to know what other people and companies are up to. 

I love the passion, motivation and energy every single one of the Neos team members has

The first sprint I attended was in November 2016 and I was fascinated from the first day. I love the passion, motivation and energy every single one of the Neos team members has and that motivates myself to be this way too. After that I attended the Neos Barcamp, the other two sprints since then and the Neos Conference. All this was much fun especially to see the development of the project not only from a remote point of view but also to contribute to the React UI development.

My focus in the Neos project is clearly on the React UI rewrite which we plan to release at the end of the year, but I'm also fixing some little things in Neos or Flow if they catch my eye. I'm not only interested in React, Javascript and PHP but in computer science in general and different kind of programming languages. The last ones I've touched are Golang and Elm. Both seem very interesting and knowing other languages helps you a lot to know different solutions and approaches when you want to solve specific problems.

So, this is me :)

If you are not sure if you want to join the development of Neos and Flow, also as a non programmer, you should join a sprint and see what's going on there!