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TYPO3 Codesprint at sitegeist

Hi, my name is Jan and I am the new guy at sitegeist. As a dedicated core developer, I am very happy that my new employer hosted the TYPO3 code sprint during my first week. 

The TYPO3 code sprints meant a massive event to improve the TYPO3 core: confine a couple of skilled developers in one room, feed them with pizza and in the end get a decent number of high quality patches to the TYPO3 core. Each code sprint is hosted by a generous agency who supplies water, coffee and foremost a room with decent internet.

Together with my co-workers Trish and Simon I was in charge of hosting 16 developers from all over Germany, but also from Poland and France.

The very first impression of this sprint was already marvellous: All participants arrived with a working development environment and everybody was able to provide or cherry pick patches. So no one needed to get onboarded and by lunchtime we were already deep focused. That was very impressive and to my knowledge never happened during the last years. So soon this promised to be a very successful sprint.

Main focus of this sprint was the removal of the pages_language_overlay table and replacing the page tree. The first topic was aligning the translations of pages to every other table in TYPO3. That will support extension developers during their work, because from now on everything translation related will work in the same way. The second issue was the last blocker to remove ExtJS from TYPO3 for good. And from my point of view we took a lot of important steps to achieve these two goals soon. Besides of that a lot of other improvements to the TYPO3 backend were introduced. To name a few, we now have a better readable font, tidied up the icons and improved loading of images in the backend. Together with the form focused sprint that took place on the same weekend in Jena, we merged 100 patches into the master and about 50 more back ports into 8.7.

Thank you to all participants for your time, work, and passion and to the TYPO3 Association for funding the code sprints. And also a huge thank you to all the supporting colleagues here at sitegeist for making this happen.